Video: Cal, players preview road game at LSU

Pretty powerful and equally hilarious media opportunity with John Calipari on Friday. What started off as a preview of the LSU game eventually turned into Coach Cal talking about receiving letters from dogs and accountants, which I talked a little bit about on Friday in the first SEC Insider feature.

While Calipari goes a little off topic with the letters part, it was part of a point Calipari was making about the responsibilities of the job he has at Kentucky and why it’s the greatest job in basketball. The video of Calipari is long, but he starts talking about the letters at the 13:40 mark and does an impersonation of a dog at 16:20.

Oh, there were the other standard interviews as well. We’ve got Darius Miller, Marquis Teague and Kyle Wiltjer below. Our normal written feature will be along later Friday when we land in Baton Rouge, La.

Coach Cal

Darius Miller

Marquis Teague

Kyle Wiltjer