Anthony Davis = Bill Russell? Pitino compares the two

NEW ORLEANS — Somehow, amid the postgame rush to get up as much contest as possibly as fast as humanly possible, I overlooked a comparison I had to read five times before believing what I saw.

In the postgame news conference, former Kentucky coach and current Louisville head man Rick Pitino compared Anthony Davis to Bill Russell. You know, the 11-time NBA champion of the Boston Celtics, arguably the greatest big man to ever play the game. Yeah, that Bill Russell.

“When you’re playing against Bill Russell at the pro level, you realize why the Celtics won 11 world championships,” Pitino said. “When you see this young man at the collegiate level, you realize why they’re so good — not that their other players aren’t, but he’s so much of a factor.”

I don’t think the praise gets much better than that for the man that everyone — and I mean everyone — has gushed about all season long.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports penned another great piece after the game, writing about the freshman who has already won five major national championships. Here’s his story.