Kentucky posts passing APR score again

If it’s a one-and-done school, why does Kentucky continue to pass the academic mark?

The NCAA released its Academic Progress Rate report Wednesday, showing that John Calipari’s UK team once again surpassed the NCAA cutoff score. The Cats posted a four-year composite score of 963, well above the NCAA minimum of 900 needed to gain postseason eligibility (the cutoff climbs to 930 over the next few years).

UK exceeded the NCAA men’s basketball APR average of 950.

The APR measures academic eligibility and retention of student-athletes.  The score is a four-year composite, covering the 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years, meaning Coach Cal’s first two teams were included in this year’s report. The 2011-12 team will not be included until next year’s report.

The 2010-11 single-year score was 979, the same as the previous year’s score.

UK posted a four-year score of 974 last year, tied for the best score in the Southeastern Conference.

With a composite score of 963, UK will not be subject to penalties, such as scholarship reductions or postseason restrictions. The men’s basketball team has never incurred a penalty during the eight-year history of the APR.

For UK’s full APR report, click here.