Proud and ready to coach Friday

Friends and fans of the Dominican Republic National Team, we didn’t play well today. We got beat by a really good team, maybe the best team in the tournament. It was one of those games.

We didn’t shoot the ball well, but these players are not machines and they’re not computers. They don’t play well every night out.

With that being said, I like my team and I fully expect them to be ready to play Friday. This team is together and they are their brother’s keeper.

Al Horford has played outstanding. Jack Michael Martinez has rebounded as though he is a perennial All-Star. Juan Coronado, as a point guard, has done fine. I sat him down after the game to tell him, “I’m with you, just play basketball.” I’m going to try to make things simpler for him. I told him he’s gotten so much better, just like all of my other point guards.

Francisco Garcia has played well all tournament. He had a bad shooting day today, but it happens. You don’t make every shot in the game of basketball. Eulis Baez has given us 10 points and seven or six rebounds each game. We probably need a little bit more from him, but I love coaching him. Manny Fortuna comes off the bench and gives us unbelievable energy. He has made shots and changed the complexion of the game defending. Ronald Ramon is a great shooter, and Josh Asselin has come in and given us a presence and a big man who can step back and shoot it.

I like my team and I like our chances because they like each other and because we have good players. Having said that, we knew going in this wasn’t going to be easy. To get one of these three Olympic spots is going to be war. Macedonia is a really good team and Friday is going to be tough.

All I can tell every fan and everybody listening, these players are good guys and they are trying like crazy. They are all sacrificing for each other. I’ve been honored to coach this team and I’ve really cherished this opportunity. I’m proud to be their coach and I cannot wait for Friday.