Helmet Dunk of the Week: Cauley-Stein or Goodwin?

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After winning the first two of three Helmet Dunk polls, Alex Poythress will not be winning this week. This week’s candidates are Willie Cauley-Stein and Archie Goodwin.

The Kentucky basketball team has a tradition of crowning a player with a helmet – a blue Kentucky football helmet, mind you – if he gets dunked on or “posterized” in practice. Assistant coach John Robic started the tradition.

When practice is over, the player that throws down the dunk gets the honor of putting the helmet on the victim. The player that is posterized has to keep the helmet in their locker until the next “Helmet Dunk” occurs. There is also a section of a hallway between the video room and Joe Craft Center practice court that has a picture of the dunker with the helmet and a picture of the guy who was dunked on with the helmet on.

The whole idea of the Helmet Dunk Award is to breed competition, but it also lightens the mood and builds a little team camaraderie during the daily grind of practice.

We decided to make the Helmet Dunk award interactive again and bring it back to CoachCal.com until regular-season games start. Since the regular season starts Friday, this will be our final videos and poll of this season.

This week’s nominees feature Cauley-Stein and Goodwin. Cauley-Stein skied high for the second straight week for an alley-.

But was it enough to prevent Poythress from winning the Helmet Dunk of the Week for the second straight week? That’s where you come in. Below are the two nominations for this week’s Helmet Dunk of the Week. Tell us who you think had the best dunk in our interactive CoachCal.com poll.

Video footage courtesy of UK Sports Video

Cauley-Stein with another alley-oop

Goodwin’s nasty put-back slam

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