Cats post a 3.061 GPA for 2012 fall semester

The grades are in, and the Cats passed with flying colors.

UK released its fall term grades for all 22 teams in its athletic department on Friday, including John Calipari’s basketball team. For the second straight semester, the Cats posted better than a B average.

Officially, UK posted a 3.061 grade-point average, which includes all competing scholarship and non-scholarship players. Kentucky’s GPA for its competing scholarship players was a 3.066.

“Really proud to coach kids with high aspirations both on and off the court,” Coach Cal tweeted a few days earlier when he read the initial grade report.

Kentucky’s 3.061 GPA in the fall semester follows its 2012 spring semester in which it posted a 3.12 GPA. Over the last four fall/spring semesters, Calipari’s teams have posted GPAs of 3.061, 3.12, 2.71 and 3.14.

In June, the NCAA released UK’s Academic Progress Rate, which measures academic eligibility and retention of student-athletes. UK posted a four-year composite score of 963 then, well above the previous NCAA cutoff mark of 900.

The Kentucky players work closely with academic counselor Michael Stone and the rest of the staff at the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services to make sure they meet and exceed their academic requirements.

“I see how hard our student-athletes work every day and this is the result,” UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart said in a UK Athletics blog post. “I am proud of the commitment our young people and coaches have made to academics. Education is one of the pillars of our program and I want to thank CATS and our entire support staff for taking that to heart.”