My job is to love each individual player

I was up early today just thinking to myself that this is about more than just winning and losing. I HATE losing, but it’s bigger than that being the coach at the University of Kentucky.

My job is to help all these young people become the best versions of themselves on and off the court and get them to understand how much they need each other to truly do that. The last two weeks, we’ve moved in that direction.

I think it’s important that I spend individual time, whether that’s pre- or post-practice, with each of our guys. Last week I personally worked with Archie and Ryan before we practiced. Starting today, Alex and I will also have pre-practice workouts.

All of us think Alex can be as good as anyone in the country. It’s my responsibility to get him to think that way and play that way for himself and his teammates so that we can all become the best versions of ourselves.

If we truly are about players first, this is how it should be. If we get them right, they will drag us where we want to go.