The original blueprint for UK’s new Rupp Arena locker room

So you’ve gotten the official video tour of Kentucky’s locker room already.

You’ve seen the national championship banner hanging in the locker room, the full-wall dry-erase board in the meeting room, the pieces of the 2012 Final Four floor, and the hot and cold tubs in the training room.

But how did it all come about? Although we showed you the blueprint for the new locker room many months ago, it wasn’t the original blueprint that originated from John Calipari’s head.

After giving the local media a tour of the locker room on Tuesday, associate athletics director DeWayne Peevy unveiled the original blueprint for the now luxurious locker room at Rupp Arena.  It started on a clipboard.

Peevy said Calipari had a vision for the new locker room before a Southeastern Conference game last season. He asked for a clipboard from Peevy, drew it up, and just like that the wheels had been set in motion.

In less than a year, Calipari raised the money for the $3.1 million locker room upgrade. The original picture of the locker room is below.

Again, if you haven’t taken the video tour, check it out here.