Disappointed but not discouraged

Big Blue Nation, as you know, I always take 24 hours to myself any time we lose. I use that time to think about what went wrong, to be miserable and to get my thoughts in order. After that, I move on to the next game.

After sitting back yesterday, I wanted to share my thoughts on where we are right now as a team. To be honest, I’m disappointed, but my disappointment is more with me than it is with the individual players on this team.

Over the years, we have always taken great pride in getting guys to accept roles, to play for their teammates and to play to win versus playing not to lose. Our teams have always played tough both mentally and physically. This team is doing none of that right now, but that comes back to me.

They are going to give you what you demand. If you demand a lot, you will get a lot. If you accept mediocrity, you will get it every single time. That’s what I must be accepting right now.

Either we’re not training the right way or I’m not communicating the way I need to communicate. People will say, “Well, they’re a young team.” I’ve had young teams before and they have performed.

My will has always been stronger and longer than individual players on the team and the team as a whole. I can only tell you that I haven’t given up any individual player on this team because guys like Kyle Wiltjer have gotten it and are improving.

Now I’ve just got to get the other guys to buy in. Whether that’s changing how we practice, our mental approach or the communication of how we want things done, that’s on me to figure out.

I’m disappointed, Big Blue Nation, but I like my team and I believe we can still turn the corner.