Web Masters: Meet the UK Spidermen

Kentucky Wildcat basketball is the richest, most storied program in college basketball history.  One of the primary reasons for the unparalleled success of the UK basketball program is the fans.  It’s about the fans who camp out for days for Big Blue Madness tickets; the fans who  faithfully fill Rupp Arena to capacity game after game; the fans who live with every victory and die with every Wildcat defeat.

And currently, at the top of the Wildcat fan food chain – non-Ashley Judd division, of course!! – are the Big Blue arachnids found in the ERupption Zone.  They are hard to miss, and they are impossible not to like, for these newly hatched Kentucky Spidermen are the epitome of UK “fandom.

The Blue Spidermen - Who are they and how do they weave their magic?

But just who are these masked men? What powers do they possess in rooting on the Cats? And what magical webs will they weave this season?

Recently I had the great pleasure of interviewing the mysterious Spidermen and here’s what they had to say:

We’d love to have your identities, if that’s something you’d like to tell us?

“Peter Parker. . . that’s as much of our names as anyone will get from us.  Aside from a few close friends and family members, we are known as the Kentucky Spidermen.”

Intriguing. Where are you guys from?

“We are both from Ohio.  But that is the only information, location wise, that we are going to release.”

Fascinating. What year in school are you all in?  What are your majors?

“I am a junior and am in Kinesiology Exercise Science, and plan on going back for my doctorate in Physical Therapy.  The other Spiderman is a freshman and his major is sports marketing. I didn’t know anyone crazy enough my first two years to do something like this, but I knew my friend from back home was crazy like me and when he decided to come here we knew we had to do something.”

Exercise and marketing – good combo for crime fighters. Give me some information on the great Spiderman outfits –Where did you get them?  Are they tailor made for you guys?

“We had them custom made for each of us.  This isn’t a one size fits all kinda deal (Laughs).”

Why Spiderman?  Did you bounce around any other ideas?

“We did bounce around some other ideas, yes, but eventually ended up on the Spiderman idea because it looked awesome, and we wanted to keep our identity a complete secret.  With other ideas like Batman and Robin, turning them into a blue and white version would be very difficult, and might not have turned out looking good.  The Spiderman suits are one piece and are made from great material; custom made to fit each of us for our own height and weight.”

You’ve been photographed with quite a few of the ladies.  So, are the chicks diggin’ the Spidermen?

“Yes, of course the chicks dig it!!  Everyone digs it for that matter.  We have taken countless pictures with guys and girls from every age, that go to the basketball games.  From babies to grandmas and even with dogs; we’ve taken pictures with them all.”

What has your relatives’ responses been to you being the Kentucky Spidermen?

“Our families love it!  They were here last weekend for parents weekend, and were at the UK vs. Dillard game.  They were obviously not in the ERupption Zone with us, but they had a blast.  They fully support us on our efforts as the Kentucky Spidermen.  Their only concern is that our grades stay up.”

You guys have some pretty sweet dance moves; who does your choreography, or is it all improvised?

“Haha, thanks!!  But, we don’t coordinate any of our dances. We just fully improvise from the situations we’re in.  If we hear a song playing and we know the dance, e.g. ‘The Dougie,’ we do that dance (if we can), or we just make up something as we go.  We let our love for the Cats take control of us in the Eruption Zone, anything is possible there!”

Click here for video of the UK Spidermen dancing and weaving their webs of fun (Videography and editing by Ashley Welsh)

Any plans for incorporating some type of web launcher from your wrists.  You know you could always corral the occasional referee.

“Haha, we have definitely thought about this, believe me.  From something serious to something small like white silly string or white streamers.  But we don’t want to get into any trouble, or do anything that could possibly get us kicked out of the game.  If you can get us permission to do something we will gladly participate!”

You would need to check with the League of Superheroes on that. They are a power greater than CoachCal.com. Any chance you could get Kirsten Dunst to come to some UK games?

“I couldn’t agree more!  That would be amazing, and if we had any way of actually getting in contact with her, we would definitely try and make that happen.  You guys get us a seat for her and some contact info, and we’ll work on making that happen.”

Any plans to hire yourself out for parties, special appearances, etc?

“We have actually had a few people ask that. . . haven’t really considered it, but if someone really wanted it to happen, and we could make it, I don’t see why we wouldn’t.”

Have either one of you guys ever done anything like this before?

“Neither of us have done anything this crazy before.  I use to do some crazy ‘fan things,’ but the other Spiderman didn’t really at all.  We both use to paint our faces and get all decked out in our school colors for high school games, but nothing like this.”

“I did paint my face for quite a few games my first two years at UK, even got on ESPN a couple of times, but I wont say what as, because of the whole hiding the identity thing.”

When you guys graduate will you include his “experience” on your resume’?

“Never really thought about that.  I guess it just depends on how it all turns out. We’ve only made a few appearances of the many we intend to make, so it all depends on how our journey being the Kentucky Spidermen turns out.”