Little Dominique can get up

I’ve got another Helmet Dunk I had to share with the Big Blue Nation this morning.

Little Dominique went up and over Marcus Lee in our practice yesterday afternoon and gave him the helmet back. Love how excited all of our guys were for him afterwards. Our guys are having fun.

It’s only be a matter of time until Marcus gives the helmet to someone else.

In case you’re wondering what a Helmet Dunk is, we have a tradition of crowning a player with a helmet – a blue Kentucky football helmet – if he gets dunked on or “posterized” in practice. When practice is over, the player who threw down the dunk gets the honor of putting the helmet on the victim. The player who is posterized has to keep the helmet in their locker until the next “Helmet Dunk of the Week.”

Assistant coach John Robic started the tradition years ago as a way to lighten mood a bit and have some fun with the guys. We’re going to bring it back with this team.