Where’s Caldo Now?

Anybody know where this restaurant is? If you can give me the address, the translated name in English and what food the establishment is famous for, I will send you an autographed piece of memorabilia from my trip To China. Email guesses to: coach@coachcal.com. First correct answer on Tuesday wins. Check Facebook late Tuesday morning for answer and winner.

This gentlemen (standing, left) entertained our table with a “rap song” about one of the foods we ate.

In addition to the restaurant’s signature dish, we also had some tasty rice soup and another soup that had a dark broth. It was a great meal and I know one thing – I wasn’t eating pigeon or rooster today!

I took my run around the lake this morning at about 5:30 a.m. It’s incredible to see the citizens congregate all around the lake. One group played a version of hacky-sack, while another sang traditional Chinese songs. There were several gatherings of people practicing poses and doing various exercises. There had to be about 1,000 people there and with temperatures rising into what felt like triple digits, the lake was a pretty good place to be!

I’ll check in with you all later on Twitter and Facebook.


Go Big Blue!