Cal touched by Durant’s speech

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the world was mesmerized last week by Kevin Durant’s NBA MVP acceptance speech, and rightfully so.

In one of the most humble, genuine acceptance speeches you will ever hear, the first-time MVP thanked everyone from his teammates to his coaching staff, his friends, his fans and everyone in between.

As John Calipari showed earlier in the week when he first saw the acceptance speech and tweeted there is “no better team builder out there,” Coach Cal was as equally impressed as everyone else with Durant.

But what really caught Calipari’s attention was just how thankful and genuinely grateful Durant was for his mother, Wanda Pratt, and all her sacrifices. Durant called her “the real MVP.”

Watching an interview Pratt did with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Calipari, who is currently vacationing and rehabbing from hip replacement surgery, was once again blown away by Durant’s humility and respect.

On Mother’s Day, Calipari tweeted out several messages relating who Durant has become to what he’s trying to teach at UK.