Coach Cal goes one-on-one with Reid Forgrave

Kentucky head coach John Calipari sat down with Reid Forgrave of Bleacher Report for a one-on-one conversation covering a number of topics. From coaching extreme talent, to politics, DeMarcus Cousins, which of his NBA Cats would make up his starting five, Derrick Rose and the one-and-done rule, this interview covered a lot of ground.

“I just got done reading a book. The book was Life Word. And part of it was creating in your life a word that fits you. So I’m reading the book and thinking, “What would my word be?” And the word I thought about was just “hope.” Creating hope for other people.”

Calipari said Camby was the first player he coached with “extreme talent,” if he was assembling an All-UK NBA squad he’d have to play Anthony Davis at the three, and the goal of having a dozen Wildcats in the NBA All-Star game is real.

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