De’Aaron Fox names his All-Kentucky 3-on-3 team

On Friday, the International Olympic Committee approved the addition of 3-of-3 basketball to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. With that in mind, what would be the best 3-on-3 team you could field with only Kentucky players?

Former Kentucky point guard De’Aaron Fox, who is continuing to work out and prepare himself for this month’s NBA Draft (June 22 on ESPN), was asked that very question. His answer: John Wall, Devin Booker and Anthony Davis.


As Fox says in the video, it’s imperative in 3-on-3 basketball for players to be able to take their opponents off the dribble because there is so much space on the court. Can you imagine trying to defend Wall one-on-one with that much space? Assuming a second (or third) defender would have to help defend Wall, Booker’s outside shooting and Davis’ elite athleticism makes defending this 3-on-3 team an even more challenging task.

For his “ultimate three-man NBA team,” Fox went with Russell Westbrook, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. Again, good luck stopping that.

What would your All-Kentucky 3-on-3 team be?