Video: NBA Draft recap

Kentucky had three players selected in the lottery portion of the NBA Draft for the third time in eight years under head coach John Calipari.

De’Aaron Fox was first off the board at No. 5, followed by Malik Monk at No. 11 and Bam Adebayo at No. 14. All 21 players, including Fox, Monk and Adebayo, who have entered the NBA Draft after one season at UK under Coach Cal have been first-round picks.

It was an exciting night for all three Wildcats, and it was a proud night for their families and Calipari, who flew in from Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he’s in the middle of training camp with the USA Basketball Men’s U19 Team. has a recap, feature story, social media recap and photo gallery from the NBA Draft, and now the good folks at Kentucky Wildcats TV have the perfect video. Enjoy.