Updated times, measurements from UK Pro Day

2017 UK Pro Day Improvements

Earlier on Monday we posted the UK Pro Day book that was given to the approximately 90 NBA personnel in attendance on Sunday at Rupp Arena.

Each of those figures – from their agility and sprint times to their verticals – were measured prior to the UK Pro Day. The figures below represent the Wildcats’ results from Sunday’s pro day.

Nick Richards added an inch to his max vertical on Sunday, posting a mark of 36.5 inches. (photo by Barry Westerman, UK Athletics)

The Wildcats showed plenty of improvements in a number of areas. In the lane agility, Kevin Knox went from 10.59 pre-pro day to 10.36 at pro day, the fastest time on the team. Knox also showed great improvement in the three-quarter court sprint, where he went from 3.37 seconds prior to pro day and 3.22 seconds at pro day.

Hamidou Diallo improved on his already blazing fast 3.11 time in the three-quarter court sprint with a 3.10 on Sunday. Diallo also improved upon his standing vertical jump, going from 34.5 inches to 36.0 inches, the highest mark on the team.

Freshman guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had a 0.20-second improvement in the reactive shuttle, going from 3.01 seconds to 2.81 seconds.

Four Wildcats showed improvement in their max vertical jumps. Quade Green (33.5 inches), Nick Richards (36.5 inches) and Knox (37.5 inches) each added an inch to their previous max verticals. Sophomore Tai Wynyard improved two inches on his max vertical with a jump of 34.5 inches.