The Turtle and the Scorpion

A couple of days ago I asked my followers on Twitter if they had ever heard of the story of “The Turtle and the Scorpion.” It’s a story my father told me that I’ve hung on to throughout my coaching career.

Before I hit the road for recruiting, I wanted to share the story with you for those of you that have never heard of it. As told by my father, the story goes a little something like this:

A turtle is swimming in a lake minding his own business.

When he hears a whistle from the beach.

A scorpion is trying to get his attention and waved to him to come closer.

The turtle swam toward the beach and looked at the scorpion knowing he was a very dangerous creature.

The scorpion yelled to him, “Hey turtle – would you mind helping me get to the other side of the lake.  I just need a little help.”

The turtle replied, “And how would I do that?”

The scorpion then said, “I will jump on your back and you can swim to the other side.”

The turtle said, “Are you crazy? You will sting me and I will die!”

The scorpion says, “Why would I do that? We would both die. And if you do this favor for me – I will shout your name from the treetops of what a good person you are.”

So the turtle says to himself, “That this makes sense and I could use a little positive publicity.”

So the turtle swims towards the beach and has the scorpion jump on his back, and starts to swim across the lake.

Halfway across the lake he feels a sting in his neck.

He turns to the scorpion and says, “You stung me! We’re both going to die!! Why would you do it??”

The scorpion’s simple reply, “I’m a scorpion.  I sting.  Thats what I do!”

Moral – when you connect with a scorpion that says, “I need your help, I wont hurt you. As a matter of fact, I will promote you,”  beware!!!