Cal’s top 10 funniest moments from ‘Pros vs. Dominican Republic’

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: You all are crazy. Selling out Rupp Arena in the middle of August? Some of you say that’s normal, but that’s not normal. This was supposed to be an exhibition game!

Last night showed what Kentucky fans are all about, and all of us – the coaching staff, the Dominican Republic team and the Pros – had a blast putting the game on. After taking it all in, I wanted to give you my top 10 funniest moments from last night. And believe me, there were plenty of them.

This countdown is my opinion only and does not reflect UK Athletics, the university or any of its officials. These are just a handful of moments my coaching staff and I were laughing about this morning at Wheeler’s.

Check back later for my top 10 serious moments.

10.) The pregame prayer – Our big man Jack Michael Martinez delivered the pregame prayer and speech to our team in the locker room. I was fine with that. The only problem is the speech was 15 minutes. And it was in Spanish! We thought we were going to miss the game.

9.) The postgame – As we huddled to do the postgame prayer and Jack started talking again, I looked up at Rod Strickland and he was looking at him like, “Come on, man.” Fortunately for us all, my good friend Bill Bayno spoke up and said, “Can we do the shortened version, please?”

8.) Papa John’s halfcourt shots – I love Papa John (John Schnatter), but he will not be the guy taking the half-court shot if we need it. Are you kidding me? He needed a little more pepperoni on those half-court shots.

7.) The Orange and the Leaf – Did you see those Orange Leaf mascots last night? Look out Phillie Phanatic!

6.) What rules? Obviously the Big Blue Nation isn’t too familiar with FIBA rules. I heard somebody yell, “Are we playing volleyball” on a tip-in, but that isn’t goaltending in FIBA. The ball is live anytime after it hits the rim even if it’s in the cylinder.

5.) Edgar Sosa fouls again – After Edgar Sosa picked up what seemed like his 61st foul, I walked over to the scorer’s table and found out he had nine fouls. I told them that if picked up another foul, he was going to foul out of the Louisville game on Tuesday.

4.) Once a rival, always a rival – You all showered former Cardinals Edgar and Francisco Garcia with boos all night long, but they didn’t back down and combined for 59 points. These guys can play now.

3.) The chomp – As if booing Edgar and Francisco weren’t enough, you all let Florida Gator Al Horford have it with a bunch of boos in the introduction. He responded by giving Big Blue Nation the Gator chomp before going out there and scoring 12 points, 17 rebounds and seven assists.

2.) Cousins’ conditions – DeMarcus Cousins was asked after the game if he’d come back for an annual alumni game. DeMarcus said absolutely, on one condition: as long as we don’t use the same officials.

1.) Stacking the deck? None too pleased with the calls, Rajon Rondo said to me as he ran up the court, “Did they get this official from the DR?” I said, “No, they’re from Puerto Rico.” Did he think we were stacking the deck? Little did he know those countries are big rivals.