Scheduling scenario for the Big Blue Nation

As we get into the heart of our schedule and as our staff recruits and plans for the future, there is something I wanted to address with the Big Blue Nation. There are some things that are being thrown at us that, as a program, we really have to take a hard look at it.

The main one is scheduling.

You may ask, “What do I mean about that?” Well, when you start adding two league games, which has been proposed, AND you’re playing in the Champions Classic AND you’re playing in the SEC/Big East Challenge AND you have other games that are big-time events for us to play in, you’re putting your program at risk.

What I mean by that is this program is too important to over-schedule based on the roster turnover that I believe will continue to happen. You cannot put this program at risk, not with our turnover and roster. You CANNOT over-schedule and put yourself in that position.

With that being said, here is where I want the help of the Big Blue Nation. If we had to – and this doesn’t mean we have to at this point because we still have 16 league games – but if we had to drop one series and there were no other options, who would it be? Would it be North Carolina, Indiana or Louisville?

I want to know where the Big Blue Nation would fall on this. If we were faced with making this decision – and this is for the Big Blue Nation only! – who would we postpone or eliminate?

Decisions are not easy. UNC is top five every year and Tom Crean will have Indiana there in short order. Louisville is always strong and in state. What’s best for our program? What helps up maintain the gold standard?!?!

This will be an interesting dialogue. I know who I would vote for.

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