Three-headed monster? Try 40 heads

Tonight on my radio show I was asked about knocking one head off the three-headed monster of North Carolina, Indiana and Louisville. My response, although animated, was not in anger.

The most important thing we do here at Kentucky is to put ourselves in a position to compete for and win national titles. Scheduling is a big component of that.

No one game is more important than any other. I believed that in the past, I believe that now and I’ll believe that in the future. Emotionally, one game may be more important to our fans than the other, but as a coach and as a player, every game matters.

What sets Kentucky basketball apart from all others is our passionate fan base, the former players who put on that uniform and a history second to none, and I’ve used all of that to recruit the best players in the country.

With that being said, when I was talking about scheduling and who we play, it has to be about the players on the team. We have to schedule with their best interests in mind. We can’t set them up for failure.

The more flexibility we can have in scheduling the better. No program in the country has ever had to face the turnover we have had to face and will continue to face year to year.