Coach Cal’s Book Club

John Calipari is a basketball and family man first. In his spare time, however, he’s a reader as well.

Coach Cal carries a book with him wherever he goes. He reads at least three books at a time, keeping one in his car for when he travels, one on his desk at the Joe Craft Center and one at home. Inside his home office, there is a collection of books that would make librarians blush.

In honor of Coach Cal’s passion for books, we’ve created the “Coach Cal Book Club,” a list of books Coach Cal has read and recommends. Below is a list of literature Calipari is reading or has read over the last few years of his career. As you can tell, he’s into historical biographies, self-help, motivational and spiritual books. He prefers nonfiction over fiction.

As Coach Cal dives into a new book, we’ll add it to the “On Coach Cal’s Desk” category and then cycle it off into the online library below.

If you have a book you would like to recommend to Coach Cal, please leave a comment in the discussion below.

UPDATE: We have some exciting news to share. The Coach Cal Book Club has partnered with the Lexington Public Library to make it easier for fans to pick up a book and read. If you live in Lexington and would rather check out a book than buy it, the Lexington Public Library now carries Coach Cal’s Book Club literature at all six of its branches. Look for the Coach Cal Book Club shelf at any of the following branches in Lexington to pick up a copy:

  • Central Library
  • Beaumont Branch
  • Eagle Creek Branch
  • Northside Branch
  • Tates Creek Branch
  • Village Branch

For more about the Lexington Public Library, including hours of operation and directions, head to