John Calipari’s Coaching Drills

John Calipari’s Coaching Drills allow  for coaches and players alike to build on their basketball knowledge and skill set, all while contributing to a variety of charitable organizations. It Coach Cal’s belief that the game of basketball provides individuals with a platform to be a leader, to teach and mentor those around you.

With an online store for drills, Coach Cal is providing an avenue for sharing the game in a way that yields benefits far beyond the lines of the basketball court. Full proceeds from each video purchased will go directly to The Calipari Foundation. All drills are tailored for the various skills and teaching points used by Calipari and his staff in guiding their teams to four Final Fours and the 2012 national championship, all while developing 17 NBA Draft picks in the past four years. The online store will be updated with new videos periodically.

“We talk about being different and transparent, and I believe this is another one of those things,” Calipari said. “These coaching drills are another way that we can show everyone what we’re teaching and how we’re teaching. They are available to players, coaches, fans and whoever else wants them. The great thing with this is all the revenue is going straight to the foundation to be used for projects that the foundation is investing in.”

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About The Calipari Foundation: The Calipari Foundation invests in communities. These communities are not limited by geography – they can also be education, social and spiritual in nature. The foundation’s purpose is to improve the quality of life both in and through these communities, with a particular focus on enriching the lives of children.

Climbing The Ladder Of Success

Giving back has been a pillar in Coach Cal’s life. When you climb the ladder of success, do you pick it up or do you help other people up the ladder? Coach Cal details why it’s important to do the former.

Shared Sacrifice

Coach Cal has always been a believer in accomplishing things together. He believes that it’s easier to accomplish goals together than it is as an individual. Coach Cal outlines how to work together as a team through shared sacrifice using examples from his 2011-12 national championship team.

Perspective, Passion and Thinking Like a King

In a motivational speech to a group of local businessmen and –women, Coach Cal talks about the important of keeping things in perspective. He also talks about how to bring passion to a team, whether it’s on the athletic field or in the office, and the important of dreaming big. ($2.99)

What’s Important

In this video, Cal expresses the need to not only talk about what you feel is important as a coach, but to demonstrate it to you players. In doing this, he explains his method of fighting outside influences on a daily basis and setting a tone for his players before every practice.  Finally, a simple rule that Cal has followed throughout his career, is to never leave a practice mad by yourself. Through the good days and bad coaches, staff and players are all in it together, and coach explains the reasoning behind this rule. ($2.99)

Commitments and Defining Roles

In order to have a successful team, it is important for your players to set goals, have commitments and accept roles. In this video, Coach Cal talks about the methods he has developed throughout his career for building a team through these crucial elements. ($2.99)

New Generation and Challenges

Cal talks about how vital it is for coaches to understand that players are part of a new generation and the challenges they face are different than those of previous generations. Cal explains that understanding the pressures and distractions kids deal with off the court has an impact on our approach to coaching them on the court. ($1.99)

Cutting Through the Clutter

Coaches at all levels are challenged with managing the outside influences and distractions that players deal with every day. Coach Cal has become a master of relating to his all of his players on a personal level, and turning that into building a complete team. Being direct and honest are stables in Coach Cal’s programs, and this video demonstrates how important these traits are in building successful teams. ($2.99)

Make Film Work for You

One of the most valuable tools Coach Calipari and his staff use in teaching players is film. However, in this video Coach explains his method of using film so that it catches players’ attention and teaches them the exact principles he wants to get across. Also, Coach talks about helping players position themselves for success and the role coaches play in helping them do so. ($2.99)

Doing What It Takes

Coach Calipari has always been known for stepping outside the box, and in this video he shares some of the ways that he has had success in reaching his players. Being able to relate to and make connections with them on a personal level and tailoring your relationship to their individual needs is truly valuable in developing a bond and feel for the expectations you have for them. ($2.99)

Keeping a Journal

Coach Calipari talks about an easy way to record your progress as you work to achieve your goals. Keeping daily track and holding yourself accountable will allow you to have something to look at and reference the effort that you are putting in. It is easy to say what you want to do, but this video shows you a way to demonstrate and track the path you are taking to actually achieving the goals you set for yourself. ($1.99)

Fundamentals 7 and 8

The next fundamental is about what it means to be a compassionate leader and serve those around you. Coach Cal expresses the vital role we all have in lifting up those who are around us and setting an example by being a person of character. ($2.99)

Fundamentals 5 and 6

The next fundamental is to learn to push yourself to exhaustion and love it. Coach Cal talks about understanding that you must love the work that you do and use it to build confidence for your performance. Coach discusses the importance of expecting adversity along the way. Everyone is going to run into adversity it’s how you deal with that adversity that defines you. ($2.99)

Fundamentals 3 and 4

In this video, Coach Calipari stresses the need to position your mind for success and taking control of your mood to become a person that others want to be around. In doing so, you will begin to surround yourself with people that possess those same characteristics and in turn develop mentors and role models.

Fundamentals 1 and 2

Coach Cal demonstrates two of his vital fundamentals to becoming an All-Star as he talks about taking responsibility and owing your performance. As players and coaches we have the ability to change and improve, but we must accept the responsibility first. Cal then talks allowing yourself to dream and the importance of setting goals, both short and long term. ($2.99)

Accountability, Consequences

One of the biggest challenges young coaches face is defining the difference between discipline and affection with your players. In this video, Coach explains what accountability means and the importance of teaching your team discipline through demonstrating consequences. Players need to be coachable, and Cal describes different avenues of reaching players from his past experiences and molding them into coachable athletes who learn to hold themselves and their teammates accountable. ($2.99)

How to Reach Your Players

In this video, Coach steps outside of the realm of X’s and O’s and describes his rules on how to reach your players on a more personal level. Coach Cal goes into detail about finding the balance between affection and respect, creating leadership, defining roles, and getting players to understand what you expect both physically and mentally. ($2.99)

Building a Team

Watch as Coach Cal shares examples from some of his most successful groups of players, and the methods he used to mold them into his most successful teams. Also, Cal gives insight into his experience in dealing with players’ parents and how to approach speaking with parents. Finally, Cal demonstrates how to build a perfect practice using repetition, competition and peer pressure drills to set the tone and encourage players to go game speed while being focused on every possession. ($2.99)


A continuous 3-on-2 drill used to teach players the proper reads in a game-like competitive environment.  “32” is beneficial to players on both sides of the ball both offensively and defensively and allows coaches to teach fast-break “reads” in a fast-paced drill sure to improve teams shooting and conditioning skills. ($2.99)

Skip 21

One of the more popular drills developed by Coach Calipari and his staff over the years, “Skip 21” teaches players to master the art of the 2-on-1 fast-break.  This video gives a coaches and players the simple teaching tools and rules to become efficient in one of the most common aspects of the fast break game. Not only does this video give a complete layout of the drill, but it also includes real in-practice footage of the 2012 national champion Kentucky Wildcat’s execution of the 2-on-1 break. ($2.99)


Much like the “11” drill, this breakdown drill gives the offensive players an advantage while learning to capitalize on transition opportunities.  As in all of the Breakdown Drills, “22” challenges players to react in game-like situations while developing defensive tenacity in a competitive win-or-lose environment. This video outlines all of the rules and teaching points of this vital transition dribble-drive drill, for coaches to use in the development of players at any and all levels. ($2.99)


The first in the series of dribble-drive breakdown drills, “11” is a fast-paced drill designed for players to compete against one another in continuous transition. Watch as Coach Cal demonstrates the rules and teaching points of the “11” drill, with actual practice footage of the 2012 national championship team. ($2.99)

Laker Drill

This is an old-school drill that is perfect for the beginning or end of any practice. It combines conditioning, passing and shooting in a game-like environment that challenges players to beat the previous team’s score. ($1.99)

Ball-Handling Warm-Up (Post Players)

Ball handling in today’s game is not only crucial to perimeter players, but post players as well. By being a multi-purpose player who excels at many facets of the game, you become an offensive threat at any position. This is a great breakdown of how Coach Calipari and his staff have introduced and improved the ball-handling skills of many of his post players in recent years. ($.99)

2-Ball DDM Shooting

This is a partner shooting drill designed for players to react and play off of each other’s movements within the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. In this drill each player will get a different shot, along with working on the spacing and actions of the dribble drive at game speed. ($.99)

Blood 44

Building on the “Blood 22” drill, “44” expands on the concepts of the Dribble Drive and allows for players at four of the five positions to read and react to the defense in a game-like setting.  Like all the drills in the breakdown series, it is a competitive drill full of teaching concepts that help players become more comfortable making decisions at most all positions in the dribble drive. ($1.99)

Blood 22

This video demonstrates the first drill in a series of what is the “Ultimate Dribble Drive Drill” with Blood 22.  All individual teaching tools leading up to this competitive drill are incorporated as players learn to thrive in a fast-paced, continuous transition simulations, while working within the concepts of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. ($1.99)


Perfection is the ultimate warm-up drill to set the tone for each and every practice session.  Used by Coach Cal for more than 20 years in both college and NBA, perfection is a timed drill that creates “peer pressure” among players. This is a great drill for coaches to see what frame of mind players are in before you get into teaching new concepts during your practices. ($1.99)


This transition drill is designed for teams to work on effective transition defense and offense. During this video you will see and hear all of the different teaching points used by Coach Cal to get his team to defend in transition despite being out-numbered, along with the areas to attack on offense. ($1.99)

Zone Defensive Tag Drill

Watch as Coach Calipari introduces the concepts of the 2-3 zone to the 2012 national championship team in his Zone Defensive Tag Drill.  Cal takes his team through various scenarios and coaches all positions of the zone with an emphasis on helping one another and maximizing the team’s length to create a suffocating zone. ($1.99)

Perfect Stop (Side Pick-and-Roll)

While “Perfect Stop” allows coaches to include nearly any offensive set for players to defend, this video shows you how Coach Cal incorporates the pick-and-roll into the challenge of the 30 seconds of perfect defense. ($1.99)

Perfect Stop (Diamond Set)

Of all of the drills used throughout a season, the Perfect Stop is one that easily translates to any defensive game plan.  The drill is designed for players to guard for an entire possession (30 seconds)  and allows them to have time taken off the clock for diving for loose balls or taking a charge. ($1.99)

Transition Defense

In this video you will see all of the teaching points made as the team goes through an extensive transition defense tutorial. A great drill that contains teaching points that are vital to a coach at any level in order to be an effective transition defense team. ($1.99)

4-on-4 Help-Side Defense

Help-side defense is often one of the hardest concepts to teach a young team.  In this drill Coach Cal demonstrates all of the different aspects of help side defense along with game speed coaching, which builds to more than just a traditional scramble or shell drill. ($2.99)

1-on-1 Post-Ups

In this video you will see the importance of post defense for not only post players, but guards as well. This drill is designed to teach players to work before the offense catches the ball, and once the player has possession, all at game speed.  ($1.99)

1-on-1 Stunts

Building on the concepts of the “Impossible Closeout” drill,  1-on-1 Stunts teaches players to jump to the ball on the pass while closing out and recovering to guard their man 1-on-1.  This drill shows you all the teaching points of on the ball perimeter defense and how players should react as the ball is moved by the offensive team.  ($.99)

Impossible Closeout

This defensive drill challenges players to help cut off a drive on the weak side and recover to their man in a game like closeout.  Our philosophy is that if our players can learn to defend this type of closeout individually, then once it becomes 5 -on-5 our overall team defense will benefit. ($1.99)

Lunges and Box Closeouts

These are a couple quick individual defensive drills that are used to help players become better individual defenders so that it translates over to successful team defense.  Watch as Coach Cal teaches his team the proper footwork to guard the top teams  and players in the country. ($.99)

Relocations and Catches Drill

Perhaps the most well-known aspect of the Dribble Drive Offense is the positioning of the post players opposite of the ball.  In this video you see the drill Coach Calipari uses in teaching players to read and react to perimeter players driving the ball and gaining scoring position. (free)

1-on-1 Post Series

Incorporating all of the aspects of the previous drills in the Post Players Individual Workout Series, Coach Cal pairs players up for a competitive set of 1-on-1 in the post.  Not your traditional 1-on-1 drill, this video shows you just how Cal and his staff make every part of the practice specific to the concepts of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. ($1.99)

Getting to the Rim Off the Dribble

In this video you will see the process that Cal and his staff use in developing traditional post players into versatile basketball players who can step out and play in most any position within the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. ($1.99)

Pivot Moves

This is the first video in the post player individual workout series and offers a in-depth look into the beginning stages of developing proper footwork in the post area. This drill takes you through a series of post moves and finishes that can be used at all levels. ($2.99)

Rebounds Snatches and Outlet Passes

Building on the “Rebounds and Stick-Backs” drill, this video focuses on players being the aggressor on the boards and quickly turning defense into offense. In this video you will see guards and post players rebounding and outlet passing accordingly so that they can get to the offensive end of the court much faster. ($.99)

Rebounds and Stick-Backs

It’s no secret that most of the time the team that wins the battle of the boards wins the game.  In this video Coach Cal uses a drill that teaches players of all positions the techniques to becoming a proficient offensive rebounder. ($.99)

Mikans and Taps

Mikans and taps is a quick drill that we use for all of our players that is not only to get them more comfortable with the ball, but allows them to practice skills used in the Dribble Drive while continuing to work on conditioning. ($.99)

Rim Runs

Rim runs are a type of shot used in our offense to reward post players for running the floor and gaining position on the defense.  This is a great drill for both the post players who are working on scoring angles in transition and the perimeter players making the pass. ($.99)

Pick-and-Roll Drills

Pick-and-roll is such a big part of the game of basketball at all levels, but one misconception is that you must have great players to become a good pick-and-roll team.  In this video you will observe how Coach Cal teaches his post players to play off the actions of the ball handler and become effective pick-and-roll big men. ($.99)

Crab, Catches, Relocations

Building on the “Post Player DDM Shooting” drills, Coach Cal develops post players through simple inside moves that require great attention to detail.  In this video post players learn to move in cohesiveness with their perimeter playing teammates and maximize all of the dimensions of the Dribble Drive. ($.99)

DDM Shooting

Most coaches believe the Dribble Drive Motion Offense is designed for teams with great guard play, however the drills in this video show you how post players can thrive in the concepts of this offense.  Learn how Coach Cal teaches first-round NBA Draft pick Demarcus Cousins throughout some of his first workouts in the Dribble Drive system. ($1.99)

Reading the Pick-and-Roll Defense

In the past two seasons, Coach Calipari and his staff have become one of the more effective staffs in terms of getting results out of the pick-and-roll.  This video allows you to see one of the drills used to teach all perimeter players how to read the defense and make the proper decisions in a variety of pick and roll situations. ($1.99)

Shooting of the Dribble Hand-Off

Since the success of the 2010-11 Final Four Wildcat team, coaches all over the country are beginning to incorporate the dribble hand-off into their offense.  In this video you will see what it is that Coach Cal is looking for when finding out who on his new team can become effective in this important aspect of his national championship offense. ($.99)

1-on-1 Drills

Building on the teaching points of the “Individual Dribble Moves” and “Getting Open” drills of the workout, Coach Cal the demonstrates to players how to effectively apply the tools in a competitive 1-on-1 setting. ($1.99)

Getting Open and Finishing with Contact

One of the hardest things for coaches to teach young players is how to get open and effectively beat their man off the dribble.  In this individual workout drill, Coach Calipari stresses the importance of being able to get open and effectively beat defenders with precise and simple moves. ($1.99)

Individual Dribble Moves

The first in the series of perimeter player individual workouts, this video is a detailed look inside an intense ball handling and finishing drill used by Coach Calipari and his staff in preparing a new group of Wildcat players for the official start of practice. ($2.99)


This layup drill focuses on the getting players to be aggressive while getting to the rim in the fewest amount of dribbles and absorbing contact from defenders. This series includes different types of layups players will use while playing within the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. ($.99)

Ball-Handling Warm-Up (Perimeter)

This is a series of individual ball-handling drills that build up to all of the tools necessary for the Dribble Drive Motion Offense.  These drills can be used by all types of players but are specifically tailored towards initiating the offense by the point guard. ($.99)

1-Ball DDM Shooting

This is an individual shooting drill designed for players to work on all the movements and actions of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense.  This series builds on each action and can incorporate all types of individual moves (i.e. layups, one-dribble pull-ups, catch and shoot, etc.). ($1.99)

2- and 3-Man DDM Shooting

This progressive Dribble Drive  shooting drill begins with focusing on perimeter players actions, then extends to develop the timing and movement with a post player on the court. ($.99)

DDM Ball-Handling Drills

This ball-handling routine can be used by players in all positions and is designed to help them become more comfortable with the ball and challenges them to focus on ball-handling skills that will translate to any game situation. (Free)

3-Man DDM Pick-and-Roll

This drill is designed to teach players the concepts of the pick and roll and how they translate to the spacing, timing and motions of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. ($1.99)